Increase your ejaculate volume

Have you ever wanted to produce more sperm when you ejaculate? It's a common desire that has been extensively researched worldwide, and may be easier than you think. You have the ability to:
  • improve your sperm count and fertility,
  • prolong your climactic release, and
  • increase the amount of your ejaculate volume.

How do I produce more sperm?

The easiest way to see an increase in semen volume is through nutrition. Eating healthily is important, and intake of specific foods, vitamins and nutrients proven to assist sperm production can greatly increase your sexual output. Further measures like regular daily exercise, regular sexual release, maintaining hydration and keeping the testes cool are also important.

Do volume enhancement pills work?

Volume enhancement pills (or sperm pills) assist your body by providing proven, sperm-enhancing ingredients in a simple and accessible way. This is similar to a daily multivitamin, but formulated specially for men to increase their semen output. They will generally also include other ingredients intended to boost sexual arousal and enjoyment. In short, yes, volume enhancement pills work as described.

So, take a pill every day and I'll shoot bigger loads?

Volume enhancement pills will only assist in the nutritional aspects of sperm production. For example, a good sperm pills will provide a daily source of; Zinc, Vitamins C, E, A & B12, Amino acids and Folate, which will assist sperm production in men with these deficiencies in their current diet. It is also a good idea to ensure you regularly exercise, remain hydrated and keep your testes relatively cool.

Do I have to buy pills to produce more sperm?

Of course not! Most men will see an increase in sperm production by drinking more water, avoiding coffee and cola, eating healthier foods with a particular focus on vitamin-rich vegetables and zinc, regularly exercising and keeping the testes cool. That said, many men find it much easier to simply take two sperm pills each day and 'forget' about the nutritional component.

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