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MoreSperm.com is a website designed to offer current, researched information on sperm and overall male reproductive and sexual health to any interested individual.

We do not claim to be experts on sperm, male reproductive nor sexual health. However, all the information compiled and presented is sourced with our utmost care and we intend to provide reliable information wherever possible. If you think we've made a slip up, please tell us and we'll investigate. We always recommend you check with an appropriate medical professional about your particular situation before making any severe medical, lifestyle or dietary changes. Most of the data we provide are sourced from clinical trials, double-blind research and academic journals. We chose these mediums for their well-founded facts, figures and statistics.

Here's brief description of types of sources we use within the website:
  • A clinical trial follows a protocol ensuring a panel of experts confirms all its documents and it strictly adheres to standards set forth by study investigators, even if conducted in various countries. The protocol includes scientific rationale, objectives, design, methodology, statistical considerations, and organization of the planned trial.

  • A double-blind research is an especially stringent way of conducting an experiment. In a double-blind experiment, both subjects and experimenters are not aware which participants are actually being given medication (and which are given placebos). The key that would identify which is which is kept by a third part. Only after all the data have been recorded and analyzed, do the researchers find out which individuals or group of individuals is which. Its main purpose is to eliminate subjective bias on the part of both participants and conductors of the experiment.

  • An academic journal is a peer-reviewed periodical in which scholarship relating to a particular academic discipline is published. These journals are highly dependable source for introduction or scrutiny of new research, or the critique of existing research. Contents are usually in the form of articles.
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