Does drinking coffee give you bitter tasting sperm?

Nutrition affects the composition of semen. Eating certain foods can influence the taste of ejaculate. It's not uncommon for the taste of semen to change from time to time.

Coffee and garlic can give semen a bitter taste. Anything that is acid tends to give semen a bitter taste. To counter the bitterness from coffee and garlic, a man can increase the amount of alkaline foods in his diet. Consuming more alkaline rich food really helps in improving the taste of semen. Fruits and vegetables are good sources of alkaline. Especially, pineapple and papaya, these two fruits can really make semen taste sweeter.

Also, coffee and medications with caffeine appear to make sperm sluggish. Here are some other things that can make semen taste bad:
  • Onions, because it's high in sulfur content it makes semen taste bitter.
  • Cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower - these three types of vegetables has high sulfur too.
  • Smoking, since cigarettes contain toxins
  • Eating excessive red meat, this tends to make semen taste salty
  • Excessive dairy on your diet, this also make semen taste salty
  • Protein can also cause semen to taste bitter.
Vegetarian males are said to have better tasting semen, and keep in mind that everything you consume can alter the taste of your semen.
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